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Consultative Selling Won't Fill Your Pipeline

But it will empty your pipeline by helping you win more sales.

Consultative Selling is a sales process, not a lead generation system. Sure, without leads any sales process is useless. On the other hand, without a proven sales process like Consultative Selling, many expensive sales leads are wasted. Consultative Selling will help you capitalize on your lead generation efforts and make your paydays more frequent, predictable and repeatable.

Is Consultative Selling The Right Fit For You?

That depends. Here are three factors that can help you decide:

  1. Product/Service Complexity: Consultative Selling is often a good fit for selling environments where the nature of the offering is complex. (more)

  2. Frequency of Purchase: Use Consultative Selling with infrequent buyers and be the expert who fills their knowledge gaps. (more)

  3. Cost of Failure: When your buyer is facing high costs of failure, Consultative Selling is usually the right sales approach. (more)

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Consultative Selling Definition: Consultative Selling is the sales method that supports complex buying decisions by providing expert guidance from trusted advisers.

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