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How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance: A Step-By-Step Guide to Building and Managing Top-Performing Sales Teams

  • Do a small percentage of your company's salespeople produce most of your company's sales?

  • Are you tired of making huge investments in salespeople that don't pay off?

  • Do you need to build or grow a sales organization, but you want to avoid getting taken to the cleaners?

  • Are you a business owner, executive, or manager who needs to learn enough about sales and sales management to effectively oversee your company's sales efforts?

If any of these situations describe you, you've come to the right place!

Why do 20% of salespeople produce 80% of sales?

After all:

  • Don't all of the salespeople on your sales team work for the same company?

  • Weren't they hired using the same process?

  • Aren't they selling the same products and services to the same types of customers?

  • Don't they have access to the same training and support resources?

If all of these things are the same, then why do salespeople perform so differently?

I started searching for the answer to this question back in the late 1980's when I began teaching consultative selling skills for a living. I continued my search during the 1990's when I had the opportunity to observe sales team performance from a variety of managerial perspectives including sales management, operations management, and executive management. Since 2002 I have spent every working day helping companies build top-performing sales teams. This combination of experiences has helped me gain unique insights into the major reasons behind 80/20 sales team performance.

After more than 20 years of research and experience, I have concluded that building a top-performing sales team requires THREE critical components

Component #1 is the right people. If your company's salespeople lack the talents required to achieve top sales performance, I don't care how much time and money you invest in training and coaching them. Their performance will be mediocre at best!

Component #2 is the right sales management processes. These processes include:

  • An effective sales compensation plan

  • A training methodology that rapidly teaches your salespeople how to find and qualify opportunities for your company's entire portfolio of products and services

  • Careful, proactive inspection of the quantity and quality of your salespeople's activities. Activity inspection provides an "early warning system" for potential sales performance problems and helps you establish a predictable, repeatable, scalable sales culture in your organization.

Component #3 is the right prospects. Part of this responsibility belongs to your salespeople. Their success will be determined by the effectiveness of their sales prospecting plans. The other part of the responsibility belongs to your organization. What is your organization doing to source qualified sales leads for your salespeople to pursue?

Where can you find step-by-step instructions to help you implement these three critical components in YOUR sales organization?

How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance provides comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for implementing the sales management concepts, tools and techniques that produce top-performing sales teams. These concepts, tools and techniques have been refined during the past eight years as a result of my work with hundreds of companies.

Even better, How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance is it is NOT a stand-alone resource. There is a "companion" book, How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling, that will teach your salespeople how to perform every critical salesperson function described in How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance. The two books were designed to be used together to make it as easy as possible for you to implement the changes necessary to build a top-performing sales team!

What information is included in How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance?

Here is a detailed table of contents:


  • What is "The 80/20 Rule"?
  • How Does The 80/20 Rule Impact Sales Team Performance?
  • Defining the Real Problem
  • What is the Financial Impact of the 80/20 Rule?
    • Revenue Impact
    • Expense Impact
    • Bottom Line Impact

Part 1: The Right People

Chapter 1: Why Salespeople Don't Perform

  • Why Recruiting Processes Fail
    • Employment Ads
    • Resumes
    • Interviews

Chapter 2: Sales Assessment Testing

  • Three Critical Categories
    • Cognitive (Brain Function)
    • Behavioral
    • Interests
  • Critical Sales Characteristics
  • Speaking From Experience

Chapter 3: Relationship Preferences and Selling Styles

  • Relationship Preferences
  • Selling Styles

Chapter 4: Defining Your Company's Sales Job

Chapter 5: The Impact of Sales Manager Style

  • The Field General
  • The Administrator
  • The Importance Style Awareness

Chapter 6: Performance-Based Recruiting

  • Recruiting Ads and Job Descriptions
    • Education
    • Experience
  • Performance-Based Recruiting

Part 2: The Sales Cycle

Chapter 7: How to Grab a Prospect's Attention

  • What Is An "Elevator Pitch?"
  • How Do You Develop An Effective Elevator Pitch?
  • The Importance of Quantified Impacts
  • Avoid This Critical Prospecting Mistake
  • Here's a More Effective Approach
  • Another Suggestion

Chapter 8: The Secret to Closing More Sales

  • Step 1: Business Problem Qualification
  • Step 2: Business Problem Quantification
  • Step 3: MAIN-BP Qualification
  • Step 4: Technical/Detailed Qualification

Chapter 9: How to Write Effective Selling Proposals

  • RFP Responses
  • Boilerplate Bombs
  • What Is An Effective Selling Proposal?

Chapter 10: Don't Discuss Price "In a Vacuum"

  • What Does "In A Vacuum" Mean?
  • A Real-Life Example
  • How to Avoid Premature Price Discussions

Chapter 11: Effective Product Demonstrations

  • Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?
  • Why Product Demonstrations Fail to Produce Orders
  • What's the Solution?
  • How to Structure Product Demonstrations

Chapter 12: Closing Sales

  • 5 Sales Closes That Work
  • The Monkey's Paw
  • The Value of Testimonials
    • What Is A Testimonial?
    • How Does A Salesperson Acquire Testimonials?
    • Building a Centralized Testimonial Repository
  • How to Close More "I Want" Sales
    • The "I Need" Sale
    • The "I Want" Sale

Chapter 13: How to Overcome Sales Objections

Part 3: The Right Processes

Chapter 14: Effective Sales Compensation

  • Why 100% Commission Plans Don't Work
  • Providing an Income Floor
    • Salary
    • Recoverable Draw
    • Non-Recoverable Draw
  • Calculating Sales Commissions
  • Additional Incentives
    • Why Incentives Fail
  • Putting It All Together
  • Sales Compensation Q&A
    • Question #1
    • Answer #1
    • Question #2
    • Answer #2
  • The Best Compensation Plan for YOUR Company

Chapter 15: Why Most Sales Training Programs Fail

  • Training The Wrong Students
  • "One Size Fits All" Training Curriculums
    • Different Training Needs
    • Different Learning Rates
  • Excessive Focus on Technical Details
    • The "Get Dangerous Quickly" Story
  • Lack of Reinforcement Training

Chapter 16: Inspect Activity, Not Just Results

  • Inspecting Activity Quantity
  • Inspecting Activity Quality

Chapter 17: Forecasting and Pipeline Management

  • Forecasting and Pipeline Management Tools
    • Spreadsheets
    • Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software
  • Opportunity Pipeline Views and Reports
    • Opportunity Pipeline Report Data Elements
    • Sorting Report Data
    • Assigning Confidence Percentages
    • Using Pipeline Reports Effectively
  • The Importance of Valid Next Steps

Chapter 18: Assign Tasks to the Lowest-Cost Resource

  • Take These Tasks Away From Your Salespeople
  • Where Should Your Salespeople Focus Their Time?

Chapter 19: How to Support Strategic Selling

  • Working Hard vs. Working Smart
  • Critical Data

Chapter 20: Territory Management

  • How to Define Sales Territories
  • Sales Territory Management

Part 4: The Right Prospects

Chapter 21: Effective Prospecting Plans

  • Referrals
  • Cold Calling
  • Networking
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Devising An Ideal Prospecting Plan

Chapter 22: Website Sales Lead Generation

  • How to Generate More Website Sales Leads

Part 5: Selling Tips for Your Salespeople

Chapter 23: Go for the "No"

  • How to Get to No

Chapter 24: Maximize Sales by Minimizing "Windshield Time"

Chapter 25: Effective Account Management

  • What is Account Management?
  • Required Skills and Talents
  • Required Activities

Chapter 26: Achieve Goals by Focusing on Activities

Chapter 27: Selling Starts with Emotion

  • Difficulty Booking Appointments
  • Stalled Opportunities
  • Difficulty Closing Sales

Chapter 28: Close More Post-Trade-Show Sales

Consider for just a minute how much information like this is worth

How much incremental revenue and profit would just one additional top sales performer create for your business? Hundreds of thousands of dollars per year? Millions of dollars per year? Now multiply this amount by the number of bottom performers you currently have on your sales team. The total is a pretty exciting number, isn't it?

That's why companies pay me handsomely to teach their managers the concepts and techniques that are documented in How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance. My billing rate for consulting is $350 per hour, and it takes quite a few hours to address all of the topics covered in the book. That adds up to many thousands of dollars - and to build a top-performing sales team, the investment is well worth it!

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Some of my friends and business associates have said to me, "Alan, are you nuts?! Why would you sell your hard-earned knowledge for such a low price?" I have a one-word answer to their question: scale.

I don't really enjoy consulting because I despise trading hours for dollars. I would much rather invest my time in activities that have greater scale. If I can sell thousands of books and help thousands of business owners, executives and sales managers build top-performing sales teams, that's a win-win situation!

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  2. Seminar Checklist

  3. Seminar Evaluation Form

  4. M-A-I-N BP Qualification Form

  5. Effective Selling Proposal Outline

  6. Effective Selling Proposal Steps

  7. Strategic Selling Worksheet

  8. Account Management Worksheet

  9. Sample "Get Dangerous Quickly" Document

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While we're talking about guarantees, let's be clear on one more point. Please recognize that we cannot guarantee you will succeed in building a top-performing sales team. Why? Because we don't have any control over your (or your salespeople's) desire, work ethic, or willingness to learn and apply what you learn!

Building a top-performing sales team will require you to:

  • Learn specific skills and techniques

  • Hold your salespeople accountable for performing specific activities

  • Inspect your salespeople's activities frequently and consistently

Are you up for the challenge?

What's your return on investment?

  • How much incremental revenue and profit would just one additional top sales performer generate for your business?

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Alan Rigg
How To Beat The 80/20 Rule In Sales Team Performance

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