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How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling: A Step-By-Step Guide to Achieving Top Sales Performance

  • Are you tired of wasting money on sales training courses, seminars, books and CDs that don’t produce any increase in your salespeople's sales?

  • Do you have salespeople who show some flashes of ability, but need more training to enable them to consistently make their numbers?

  • Do you hire inexperienced salespeople and train them to sell your company's products and services?

  • Do you want to create a robust new sales culture in your organization?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling is the sales training resource you have been looking for!

Learning how to sell can be the most frustrating thing in the world!

It is frustrating because there is an unbelievable amount of information to choose from and the information is broken up into thousands of little pieces. It's like a huge jigsaw puzzle, with the added challenge that you (or your salespeople) have to go out and find the puzzle pieces, one piece at a time!

Do you think I'm exaggerating? Try this experiment. Go to Amazon.com, and search for books on sales-related topics. When I performed this search recently I got these results:


Search Term
# of Results


Sales Training
How to Sell


So, where would you like to begin your salespeople's education?

How will you decide which of these books contains the specific concepts, tools and techniques your salespeople need to learn to grow their sales? How will you figure out which books provide current, up-to-date information, and which ones teach old, dusty, manipulative sales tips and techniques that your salespeople's prospects will see coming from a mile away?

Why is it so hard to learn how to sell?

There are many answers to this question. Here are just a few of them:

  • Selling is a complex process. Each step of the sales cycle requires a salesperson to have specific talents, knowledge and skill to navigate it successfully. Yet, there are very few affordable sales training resources that provide salespeople with step-by-step road maps for completing every significant step in the sales process successfully.

  • Sometimes companies don't provide the right kinds of training for their salespeople. They may spend fortunes on product knowledge training, but next to nothing on sales skills training. What good is product knowledge if a salesperson doesn't know HOW to sell?

  • There is no such thing as a standardized sales training curriculum. You have an almost infinite variety of curriculums and methodologies to choose from. Which one(s) will be the best fit(s) for YOUR sales team?

What's the end result?

You are forced to to figure out for yourself whether a training resource (book, tape, CD, DVD, seminar, course, etc.) will teach your salespeople anything useful, much less make a real difference in their sales performance.

This is a pretty crazy situation, isn't it? After all:

  • How critical is sales to your business?

  • How many salespeople does your company employ?

  • How much money do you pay your salespeople?

  • How much money does your company invest in its overall sales and marketing efforts?

Yet, in far too many cases, the training for salespeople is pretty much left up to chance!

Don't get me wrong.there are some EXCELLENT sales training courses that teach truly useful selling skills, tips and techniques. The only problem is they can cost many HUNDREDS .or even THOUSANDS...of dollars PER SALESPERSON.

Why is quality sales training so expensive?

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. After all, a talented sales professional can make as much or more money than just about any other type of professional, including doctors, lawyers, and accountants. Look at what these other professionals have to pay for their schooling! Is it any wonder that companies that deliver quality sales training feel justified in asking high prices for their services?

Unfortunately, your company may not have an unlimited training budget. When you don't have the budget to afford quality sales training, you have to look for ways to get your salespeople trained "on the cheap". This usually means buying books, tapes, CDs, and attendance at occasional seminars.

The question is, how will you figure out whether a sales training resource is any good? How will you prioritize your salespeople's learning needs? How will you figure out which specific sales skills, tips and techniques will make the biggest impact on their sales performance in the shortest period of time?

Is there a COMPREHENSIVE resource that can teach your salespeople EVERYTHING they need to know to be successful in sales?

Yes there is! I wrote How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling for this specific purpose.

When I wrote How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance (to provide business owners, executives and managers with a step-by-step road map for building and managing top-performing sales teams), I knew my work was not finished. After all, it doesn't make sense to teach sales managers to hold salespeople accountable for performing specific activities in a specific manner if you don't also teach their salespeople how to perform the very same activities!

What information is included in How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling?

Here is a detailed table of contents:


  • What is "The 80/20 Rule"?
  • How Does The 80/20 Rule Impact Sales Team Performance?
  • Defining the Real Problem

Part 1: Sales Success Parameters

Chapter 1: Why Salespeople Don't Perform

Chapter 2: The Talents Required for Sales Success

  • Cognitive (Brain Function)
  • Behavioral
  • Interests
  • Critical Sales Characteristics

Chapter 3: Relationship Preferences and Selling Styles

  • Relationship Preferences
  • Selling Styles

Chapter 4: Defining Your Sales Job

Chapter 5: The Impact of Sales Manager Style

  • The Field General
  • The Administrator
  • The Importance Style Awareness

Chapter 6: Why Most Sales Training Programs Fail

  • Training The Wrong Students
  • "One Size Fits All" Training Curriculums
    • Different Training Needs
    • Different Learning Rates
  • Excessive Focus on Technical Details
    • The "Get Dangerous Quickly" Story
  • Lack of Reinforcement Training

Part 2: The Sales Cycle

Chapter 7: How to Grab a Prospect's Attention

  • What Is An "Elevator Pitch?"
  • How Do You Develop An Effective Elevator Pitch?
  • The Importance of Quantified Impacts
  • Avoid This Critical Prospecting Mistake
  • Here's a More Effective Approach
  • Another Suggestion

Chapter 8: How to Develop an Effective Prospecting Plan

  • Referrals
  • Cold Calling
  • Networking
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Devising An Ideal Prospecting Plan

Chapter 9: The Secret to Closing More Sales

  • Step 1: Business Problem Qualification
  • Step 2: Business Problem Quantification
  • Step 3: M-A-I-N BP Qualification
  • Step 4: Technical/Detailed Qualification

Chapter 10: How to Write Effective Selling Proposals

  • RFP Responses
  • Boilerplate Bombs
  • What Is An Effective Selling Proposal?

Chapter 11: Don't Discuss Price "In a Vacuum"

  • What Does "In A Vacuum" Mean?
  • A Real-Life Example
  • How to Avoid Premature Price Discussions

Chapter 12: How to Deliver Effective Product Demonstrations

  • Does This Scenario Sound Familiar?
  • Why Product Demonstrations Fail to Produce Orders
  • What's the Solution?
  • How to Structure Product Demonstrations

Chapter 13: Closing Sales

  • 5 Sales Closes That Work
  • The Monkey's Paw
  • The Value of Testimonials
    • What Is A Testimonial?
    • How Does A Salesperson Acquire Testimonials?
    • Building a Centralized Testimonial Repository
  • How to Close More "I Want" Sales
    • The "I Need" Sale
    • The "I Want" Sale

Chapter 14: How to Overcome Sales Objections

Chapter 15: Sales Opportunity Pipeline Management

  • Forecasting and Pipeline Management Tools
    • Spreadsheets
    • Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software
  • Opportunity Pipeline Views and Reports
    • Opportunity Pipeline Report Data Elements
    • Sorting Report Data
    • Assigning Confidence Percentages
    • Using Pipeline Reports Effectively
  • The Importance of Valid Next Steps

Part 3: Sales Tips

Chapter 16: How to Sell Strategically

  • Working Hard vs. Working Smart
  • Critical Data

Chapter 17: Effective Territory Management

Chapter 18: Effective Account Management

  • What is Account Management?
  • Required Skills and Talents
  • Required Activities

Chapter 19: Go for the "No"

  • How to Get to No

Chapter 20: Maximize Sales by Minimizing "Windshield Time"

Chapter 21: Achieve Goals by Focusing on Activities

Chapter 22: Selling Starts with Emotion

  • Difficulty Booking Appointments
  • Stalled Opportunities
  • Difficulty Closing Sales

Chapter 23: Close More Post-Trade-Show Sales

OK, so what's the cost of this amazing sales training resource?

Consider for just a minute how much information like this is worth. If you wanted to hire me to teach your salespeople the skills, tips and techniques that are discussed in How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling, it would cost you a pretty penny. After all, my billing rate for consulting is $350 per hour, and we're looking at quite a few hours. Your investment could easily add up to thousands of dollars - and to provide your salespeople with a solid foundation in critical selling skills and techniques, it would be well worth it!

Of course, you have other options. You could invest many hundreds or thousands of dollars in one of the handful of sales training courses that is actually worth the money. Or, you could invest hundreds of dollars in sales books, tapes, CDs, and seminars.and hope you stumble across the skills, tips and techniques your salespeople need to learn to be successful!

In this case, your investment is going to be tiny. For a comprehensive road map that will teach your salespeople everything they need to know to achieve top sales performance, your investment will be just $17 per salesperson!


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How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling


Get this valuable BONUS if you act NOW!

If you act TODAY I'll guarantee you receive a bonus PDF file containing the following nine forms and worksheets that will help your salespeople implement key skills and concepts from How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling:

  1. Defining Your Sales Job (Worksheet)

  2. Seminar Checklist

  3. Seminar Evaluation Form

  4. M-A-I-N BP Qualification Form

  5. Effective Selling Proposal Outline

  6. Effective Selling Proposal Steps

  7. Strategic Selling Worksheet

  8. Account Management Worksheet

  9. Sample "Get Dangerous Quickly" Document

You also receive our No-Risk Guarantee

We are so confident that How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance will help you build a top-performing sales team that we are offering an exceptional guarantee:

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How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling,
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While we're talking about guarantees, let's be clear on one more point. Please recognize that we cannot guarantee your salespeople will achieve top sales performance. Why? Because we don't have any control over your salespeople's desire, work ethic, or willingness to learn and apply what they learn! Plus, there are specific things (described in How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Team Performance) that you need to be willing to do to help your salespeople achieve top sales performance. These include:

  • Learning specific sales management skills and techniques

  • Holding your salespeople accountable for performing specific quantities of specific activities, and performing these activities in a specific way

  • Inspecting your salespeople's activities frequently and consistently

Are you up for the challenge?

What's your return on investment?

  • How much incremental revenue and profit would just one additional top sales performer generate for your business?

  • How much incremental revenue does your sales team need to generate to cover the investment required to purchase a copy of How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling for each member of your sales team?

  • What price would you pay to avoid the frustration of 80/20 sales team performance?

  • What dollar value would you put on knowing deep in your heart that your salespeople have access to ALL of the information they need to achieve top sales performance?

End the frustration of 80/20 sales team performance, once and for all. Click on the secure ordering link, and let's get started right now!


Alan Rigg
How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Selling

P.S. Are you undecided? That’s OK. When in doubt, the easiest thing to do is nothing. Unfortunately, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. Is that what you really want?

Don’t let some doubt or skepticism prevent you from taking much-needed action, especially when there is no risk to you. ORDER NOW and let’s get started!

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