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We provide sales consulting and business consulting in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Case Studies and Client Testimonial Letters

ADP (Automatic Data Processing)

ADP put improved sales tools in place and retained $100,000 in "bonus" business along the way. Their sales force had few tools beyond a demo of their software product, and sales were inconsistent from rep to rep and month to month. Now they have powerful testimonial letters to use, plus training on how to apply proof sources to get more sales.

"Testimonial letters from our current customers make it easier for our salespeople to sell new accounts."

Letter from ADP

Akzo Nobel

Akzo succeeded in getting their new software product in front of tough prospects and separating themselves from the competition. From that start, they converted a tightly focused sales message into a set of marketing tools that included presentations, demonstrations, ROI illustrations, seminars, and trade shows.

"We were at a loss as to how to approach the market with our new product. It's great to finally have consistency all through the sales process."

Letter from Akzo Nobel

Applied Systems Intelligence

Now that deals are finding them, ASI is on track to double revenues over last year. The complexities of their software offering made it difficult to communicate their business case in an easy to understand and memorable way. With their new product name, a tellable story, and a reseller program, opportunities are finding them, including their first round of venture capital. After 12 years in business, ASI has never been in more demand, or more profitable.

"Since you helped us name our core software last October, we've been getting more positive decisions resulting in more orders."

Letter from Applied Systems Intelligence


This dot-com needed a business plan to raise third-round venture capital funding and quickly won $6 million. They had reams of disorganized content that needed to be translated into a compelling, easy-to-read story, a story that would motivate investors to get out their checkbooks. They found their lead investors in less than 3 weeks.

"Your efforts will help us capitalize on this opportunity and bring the strength of our business model to millions of people."

Letter from Clickandmove.com

Iris Programmers Group

IPG managed to double their revenues in only 60 days. John Lavell's company was being pulled in conflicting directions before a simple strategic plan, some product mix adjustment, and a little negotiation coaching opened the floodgates. John's out of the business now. He sold out and retired - at age 45.

"We feel we are much better off now ... more revenue, much higher margins, a strategic plan, and a simpler business."

Letter from Iris Programmers Group

Kinetic Design

Kinetic Design found a way to do what they were good at and what they loved to do, tripling revenues in only one year. They wanted to focus their efforts and build their business, but were having trouble finding the right focus. They discovered a way to have more fun, more earnings, and fewer problems. The founders capped off a record year by realizing their exit strategy.

"Wow, what a great time. We more than accomplished our objectives."

Letter from Kinetic Design

Nortel Networks

Their whole organization benefits because everyone is now pulling in the same direction. A departmental consolidation threatened to wipe out best practices developed over the last 4 years. By applying a process for using different communications tactics and demonstrating how to contribute for the good of the group, people are taking positive action. The result? A more cohesive, stable, and productive organization.

"I now have a repeatable framework for presenting and selling, and it works!"

Letter from Nortel Networks


This consulting company was performing a product launch for a health care client. Xperio needed additional resources to put together the marketing and sales training plans and deliver the project on time. More important, the client is getting the results they desired.

"Their current tagline of 'Better Information, Better Business, Better Health' is a direct result of your help in nailing down their brand identity."

Letter from Xperio