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About Us

We show business-to-business direct selling organizations how to apply consultative selling processes, tools and techniques to enable their salespeople to get buyers to "yes" faster and more frequently.

We also provide sales managers with access to training and other resources they may need to implement their sales force development plans. We understand that much of a sales manager's day can be consumed by working with salespeople and the salespeople's opportunities. Securing the "deal du jour" leaves little time to develop the selling system elements required for continuous incremental sales improvement.

Our clients can choose from resources that include:

  • Sales and Sales Management Training: Our programs can be delivered in person at a site of your choosing or remotely via webinars and teleconferences. Each session is fun, interactive and activity-based to drive the learning home. We can also tailor the content to fit your specific selling environment.

  • Products: We offer sales and sales management training products in a variety of formats, including books, ebooks, CDs and MP3s, plus a comprehensive home study course designed to teach business owners, executives and managers how to build and manage top-performing sales teams. We also offer specialized sales assessment tests and a highly effective sales compensation product.

  • Consulting Services: Our consulting services address a variety of sales and sales management topics including strategic sales planning, sales recruiting, sales compensation and sales training tool development.

  • Sales Meeting Services: We can provide experienced and entertaining keynote, seminar, workshop and breakout session speakers, as well as meeting planning assistance that will help you make your next sales meeting a truly memorable...and profitable...event!

The bottom line is we can expedite your creation of a rich support system to ensure consistent effectiveness of your selling organization. You'll have exactly what you need to achieve ever-higher sales goals!