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The 80/20 Sales Leader Membership Website - Our Most Affordable Consulting Option

For some time now we have been hearing from clients and prospective clients who have been asking us to:

  • Provide them with very targeted and specific sales and sales management advice

  • Answer their specific questions

  • Work with them to reinforce concepts and skills they have been exposed to during teleconferences, webinars and training sessions so they can learn the new concepts and skills well enough to feel comfortable using them in front of real, live prospects and customers

  • Provide opportunities for them to interact directly with us on a regular basis

But, some weren't quite ready to commit to our training or consulting programs, either because of the financial investment or the time investment . The challenge was figuring out how to provide the support that was being requested, the accountability, the resources, the inspiration and the personal mentoring required to take your sales to the next level, without the full commitment of our private consulting and training programs. What kind of program could we provide that would give you access to us on a regular basis while keeping it really affordable and on your terms time-wise?

After months of listening, poking around the Internet and asking colleagues we trust how they were dealing with these same issues, we found the solution and implemented it. The end result is a program that will support you in learning and implementing our proven, tried-and-true consultative selling and sales management concepts, skills and processes.

The 80/20 Sales Leader Membership Website

Our 80/20 Sales Leader membership website provides a comprehensive array of sales and sales management resources, including articles, audio recordings, transcripts, recorded webinars and videos. Plus, membership provides salespeople and sales managers with access to monthly Open Q&A (Question and Answer) Calls and monthly Guest Expert Calls. There is also a membership tier that enables your salespeople and sales managers to have two personal consultations per month with one of our consultative selling experts.

For More Information

For more information, visit our 80/20 Sales Leader membership website.