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Consultative Sales Management Training

Your investment in consultative sales training is not likely to produce the desired return on investment unless sales management is intimately involved in performing key post-training activities. (The reasons for this are explained on our How To Achieve Your Desired Training Outcomes page.) If your sales managers are going to be effective at performing these critical activities, it only makes sense that they will need to be trained in how to perform them properly!

A second critical issue for many companies is top-performing salespeople are promoted to sales management, but they are never trained in how to be effective sales managers. This has an outsized impact on their sales team's performance, as a sales manager's ineffectiveness is multiplied by the number of individuals they manage. Given the investment you make in your sales organization, doesn't it make sense to teach your sales managers how to manage their salespeople effectively?

Some of our most popular consultative sales management training programs include:

How to Hire More Top Sales Producers and Jump-Start New Hire Sales Performance

How expensive are sales hiring mistakes? To answer this question, take a look at the difference in revenue, gross margin or profit (whichever number is most important to you) produced by your company's top sales producers and your bottom sales producers. Then add in the costs of recruiting and training new salespeople. What do these numbers add up to for YOUR company?

During this workshop your management team will learn proven, step-by-step processes for consistently sourcing, identifying and hiring top sales producers and jump-starting new hire sales performance. Key topics include:

  • Why sales hiring mistakes happen

  • How to write an effective sales recruiting ad

  • How to create a list of performance-based screening and interview questions

  • How to determine whether sales job candidates have the talents required to "walk their talk"

  • How to train salespeople to "get dangerous quickly" with new products and services

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How to Develop an Effective Sales Compensation Plan

Developing a sales compensation plan can be a pretty intimidating undertaking. What are the most critical decisions you need to make? What compensation plan structure will motivate your salespeople to achieve the targets you set for them.without producing unintended consequences?

We have helped hundreds of organizations develop effective sales compensation plans. Key questions and concepts from our popular sales compensation product drive this real-world discussion about how to develop a customized compensation plan that will motivate your company's salespeople to achieve their sales goals.

You will learn:

  • Why 100% commission plans don't work

  • Income floor alternatives

  • Should commissions be calculated on revenue or gross margin?

  • Why incentives fail

  • 9 steps to developing an effective sales compensation plan

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How to Eliminate Stalled Opportunities from Your Company's Sales Opportunity Pipeline

What is the condition of your company's sales opportunity pipeline? How many of the opportunities have been stalled at the same step in the sales cycle for weeks.or months?

If sales forecasts and opportunity pipelines are inaccurate, or if opportunities do not close in predictable time frames, it can wreak havoc on vital financial measurements such as revenue, profit, and cash flow. This makes maximizing the accuracy of sales forecasts and opportunity pipelines critical to your company's success!

In this seminar we will teach you our proven process for eliminating stalled opportunities from your company's sales opportunity pipeline, once and for all! You will learn:

  • Why doing a great job of sales opportunity qualification is critical to forecast and pipeline accuracy

  • How to inspect pipeline data quality

  • Three common flaws that cause forecasting and pipeline management systems to fail

  • Why "valid next steps" are crucial to sales opportunity pipeline accuracy

  • How to design sales opportunity pipeline reports to maximize accuracy and utility

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Strategic Planning Workshop

In the stimulation of a workshop environment, we lead your executive team through a process that draws the strategy out of their knowledge and experience. We'll convert the best thinking of your team into a working plan that everyone believes in.

Your team will begin this two-day Strategic Planning Workshop by aligning your objective for the workshop with your organization's existing core purpose and values, mission statement, and positioning statement. When you're finished, you'll have a clearly-defined set of action items that your team believes can actually be done. In between, we'll provide the tools to help you work out a solid plan you can confidently execute.

In your Strategic Planning Workshop, you'll produce:

  • Elements of your compelling Vision

  • List of Obstacles

  • Set of Critical Success Factors

  • Core Strategy and first-level Sub-Strategies

  • Lists of supporting Action Items

  • Assessment of Resource Requirements

  • Linking of Interdepartmental Dependencies

  • Assignments of Ownership

  • Prioritization of order of attack

As an option, we can add a third day to explore and clarify the underpinnings of the organization and produce:

  • Identification of Core Purpose and Values

  • Mission Statement

  • Corporate Positioning Statement

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For More Information

If you would like to learn more about our sales management training programs, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to schedule a no-obligation telephone appointment to discuss your company's specific situation!