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Sales Meeting Services

Are you planning a sales meeting? If you are, what are the desired outcomes from your meeting? What do you expect your salespeople to do differently as a result of their attendance? How will you measure your sales meeting return on investment?

Every effective sales meeting requires careful planning and stimulating, knowledgable speakers if the desired goals are going to be accomplished. Here are several services we can provide that will help you make your next sales meeting a truly memorable... and profitable... event!

Keynote Speech: From Desire to Done!

Do your motivational meetings "wear off" too soon? Would you like positive behavior changes to stick long after the conference ends?

Open your meetings with this presentation to give participants the secrets for turning excitement into execution. Based on proprietary research on success strategies, participants get a foolproof framework and practical tips that unlock the power of the conference agenda for them. They'll be able to move toward their goals, sidestep overload, and keep the excitement and energy high long after the event ends.

Use this kickoff presentation to ensure lasting sales meeting impact!

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Seminars, Workshops, Breakout Sessions

Much of the "heavy lifting" at sales meetings takes place outside of the main ballroom. The smaller groups and more intimate settings of seminars, workshops and breakout sessions foster the kind of lively interaction that produces real, lasting results.

We specialize in delivering fun, interactive and activity-based seminars, workshops and breakout sessions on a variety of compelling sales and sales management topics. Any of the programs described in this website's Consultative Sales Training and Consultative Sales Management Training pages can be tailored for delivery during seminars, workshops and breakout sessions.

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Meeting Planning Services

Salespeople have different expectations of meetings than other employees. And, their expectations expand to the degree that they are on incentive or commission.

Salespeople don't have much patience for meetings because they are held to a calendar-driven performance standard (such as a monthly or quarterly quota). Each working day of the month represents five percent of their productive selling time. For commission salespeople, that means every day spent sitting in a sales meeting consumes five percent of their monthly income.

We've participated in sales meetings as salespeople, sales managers and educators. Over the decades we've seen good sales meetings and ugly sales meetings. We've sat through "death by PowerPoint," choked on information overload, and sat with arms-crossed skepticism through empty motivational rah-rah.

With a little planning and care, you can avoid these sales meeting faux pas and foul-ups and turn your meetings into positively memorable and exhilarating experiences that everyone looks forward to. Click the following link to read our Critical Keys to Successful Sales Meetings.

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For More Information

If you would like to learn more about any of our sales meeting services, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to schedule a no-obligation telephone appointment to discuss your company's specific event.