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Consultative Sales Training

Whether your salespeople sell products or services, they will benefit from developing the types of consultative selling skills we teach. Our programs can be delivered in person at a site of your choosing or remotely via webinars and teleconferences. Each session is fun, interactive and activity-based to drive the learning home. We can also tailor the content to fit your specific selling environment.

You may choose to select an individual program, as each is designed to stand alone. However, for maximum synergy we recommend you consider multiple programs for your sales meeting, or for delivery during a series of meetings.

Sales Training Programs

Here are examples of some of our most popular consultative sales training programs:

Selling to Executives

Unless your sales leads come directly from the executive office of your prospects, your salespeople face the arduous process of selling through contacts who can say "No" but don't have the authority to say "Yes!" Precious time and company resources are wasted going through the motions with low-level contacts while the decision is ultimately made by someone your salespeople never get to see.

This one-day sales training course enables salespeople to earn the right to meet with decision-controlling executives. Your salespeople will learn how to get in front of the executives who don't believe they need to talk to them.

You'll appreciate how Selling to Executives will enable your company to:

  • Double sales results per selling hour

  • Escape pricing pressure and commoditization

  • Become insulated from competitive threats

Your salespeople will learn:

  • How to manage low-level contacts who block executive access

  • Where to find the executives worthy of pursuit

  • Six different methods for executive access

  • How to get (and keep) an executive's attention

  • How to convert an initial meeting into a long-term relationship

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Key Account Management

Key accounts are large and complex, with business and service units scattered across the country or even around the globe. To both penetrate and cover these large accounts, sales teams must focus their activities and maximize their resources. They must learn to use a team approach and a broader arsenal of solutions, leveraging partner, marketing and support resources to gain critical leverage across the account.

Key Account Management is a structured methodology for sales, sales support, and marketing teams responsible for penetrating, covering, and growing your largest accounts. During a three-day training program, the account team will gain new tools and techniques for leveraging sales efforts across multiple strategic business units within the target account.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Determine how to best cover and penetrate the organization and its multiple business units

  • Prioritize and focus their efforts on the best short- and long-term opportunities as indicated by the customer's business needs

  • Build a detailed Account Map that matches appropriate solutions to specific customer needs and helps identify total, account-wide revenue potential

  • Build and implement a comprehensive Account Plan

  • Create an account marketing strategy

  • Analyze and develop key executive relationships and partnership strategies

  • Coordinate account team activities

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The Secret to Closing More Sales

Closing is certainly an important sales activity as the time, effort, and resources invested in managing sales cycles are wasted if orders are not secured. However, the real secret to closing sales is doing a great job at the front end of the sales cycle. In other words, it is the quality of the work that is done during the opportunity qualification stage of the sales process that determines whether a sale will close, as well as how hard or easy it will be to close.

Your salespeople will learn:

  • Six common reasons why sales don't close

  • Why doing a great job of sales opportunity qualification is the secret to closing more sales

  • A four-step process for successful sales opportunity qualification

  • How to use the information collected during sales opportunity qualification to improve the effectiveness of proposals and product demonstrations

  • Five closes that work

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For More Information

If you would like to learn more about our sales training programs, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to schedule a no-obligation telephone appointment to discuss your company's specific situation!