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Let Your Customer Sell You: 120 Tips for Getting and Using Testimonial Letters to Win More Business

We're all looking for shortcuts to help us make good, sound, safe buying decisions in our personal and business lives. Anything we can do to speed up the decision and reduce risk serves us well.

You can make it easier for buyers to say "Yes" to your offer when you use testimonial letters as part of your selling approach. This pocket-size booklet will help business owners, marketing executives, and salespeople to get and use testimonial letters to offset any risk in the value proposition, increase customer loyalty, and get more referrals.

Paul Johnson, Principal of Consultative Selling, has been developing and using the techniques found in this book since 1984. Paul is an expert at using testimonial letters during the selling experience.

This book is PACKED with 120 practical, actionable tips!

It ncludes tips to:

  • Smash Buyer Reluctance

  • Create Profound Loyalty

  • Cultivate Consummate Referrals

  • Select Excellent Candidates

  • Time Auspicious Requests

  • Use Asking Techniques

  • Run Prolific Contests

  • Develop Fabulous Content

  • Dodge Potential Obstacles

  • Spread Earned Accolades

  • Promote Related Proof

Your testimonial letters book is only $7 plus $2.50 shipping and handling, payable in U.S. funds.

You also receive our No-Risk Guarantee

We are so confident that Let Your Customer Sell You will make it shockingly simple for you to get powerful testimonial letters and move even the most stubborn prospects to pull out their wallet and pay your price that we are offering an exceptional guarantee:

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason with your Testimonial Letters Booklet purchase,
you can request a refund and receive ALL of your money back - no questions asked!

Quantity Discounts Available

Quantity discounts are available for orders of 10 or more booklets. Please contact us for customization and pricing options. Also, we can train your team how to get and use testimonial letters. We can even harvest the letters for you if you prefer!

After your order is confirmed, you will receive an electronic receipt via email within 15 minutes. Your booklet will be sent via regular mail within 7 days. I know you're excited, but I promise you, it will be worth the wait!

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